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A special service:

  • rooted in experience: this service grew out of Hanna's own need for a web site for her jewellery-making business, Silverweed. It is especially geared towards women's small businesses and projects.
  • flexible: If you are too busy or computers are not your thing, you can have your web site designed and implemented entirely by web design for women.
    Or you can learn how to design, implement and update your own web site.
    Or maybe you just want to be able to update your existing website, without paying a fortune to an unreliable web mistress?
    You can also choose the location of your training.
  • cost effective: Because the training is geared towards your specific project, no time is wasted learning things that are not relevant. And you will be able to update and manage your web site yourself in the future.
    If you choose to have your web site designed you will be advised on how best to gather your material, to have the design process as uncomplicated as possible.
  • every web site a jewel: done by a jeweller with 30 year's experience.
  • for women: with a passion for weaving the web of women's projects and businesses.